FMCA Tuition and the Exchange Rate

FMCA proudly graduates Functional Medicine Certified Health Coaches from countries all across the globe. Our Admissions Team is available to share how FMCA international students have overcome exchange rate and tuition barriers.

Last Updated: December 7, 2021

Applies to: Prospective Students

Exchange Rates:

FMCA has many health coach certification graduates from all over the world. We know that fluctuating or unfavorable exchange rates can present a challenge for international students. We do our best to work with each student to find a payment plan that fits their budget. 


Although FMCA does not offer scholarships at this time, many of our international students have had success securing scholarships within their own country to offset the cost of tuition. We suggest you look for any country-specific scholarships you might be eligible for and apply early.

Early Interest

We recommend prospective international students join our Early Interest Community to receive the most significant tuition discount offer for the next FMCA class. Schedule time with our Admissions Team to discuss how you can pursue your health coaching education with FMCA 

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